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How to Use Social Networking to Your Benefit.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc… What you need to know!

All of this stuff you hear about “social networking,” can it really help with your sales? You bet your sweet bippy it can! How many people do you know that have a personal facebook Page? I think you would say, “most of my friends have one.” Now imagine if each of your friends started talking about your business to all of their friends, who also have friends, who tell their friends.


Site-n-Go … A New Era of Web Site Accessability.

Web Sites for Everyone!

Site-n-Go is on the verge of making websites available to anyone. Small Mom and Pop businesses need a website just as much, if not more, than big fortune 500 companies. Combined, we have worked in the advertising business for more than 82 years. We have all have done work for large companies and small, and the clients that excited me most were the small clients that had that entrepreneur enthusiasm and vigor. They were the ones that had a vision, but no money.


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