How to Use Social Networking to Your Benefit.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc… What you need to know!

All of this stuff you hear about “social networking,” can it really help with your sales? You bet your sweet bippy it can! How many people do you know that have a personal facebook Page? I think you would say, “most of my friends have one.” Now imagine if each of your friends started talking about your business to all of their friends, who also have friends, who tell their friends.

Now, by having a facebook business “Page”, you can take the above scenario one step further. Imagine if all of your friends, who have other friends, and they all start to “Like” your business. Each time someone chooses to “Like” your business, their “Like” will show up on all of the Facebook “Walls” of all of those friends who have friends … See where I’m going with this? And I haven’t mentioned anything about paying anybody, have I? That’s because all of this stuff is free! Same with Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, all free, and very useful to reach out to many potential clients.

Keep checking back here and I will continue to try to explain how social networking can be used as a great marking tool.

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