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Make some dough with Site-n-Go

Site-n-Go still not fitting in your budget?

Buy a Site-n-Go web site, then earn back all of your money!

With this Site-n-Go offer, you can earn back all the money you paid for your web site, and heck, maybe even make more! All you have to do is tell someone how great Site-n-Go is, and if they have us build their web site, we will pay you $75. Better yet, sell five or more Site-n-Go web sites, and we will turn your $75 per site into *$100 per site. And yes, as long as you keep selling Site-n-Go sites, we’ll keep sending you $100 checks … “Is that awesome or what?”

Just make sure your contact gives us your name when they call 717-843-4048, or email us at, with their order. Then as soon as they pay us, you’ll find your $75 or $100 check in the mail. Just a little thank you from Site-n-Go.

If enough people give us your name, and order Site-n-Go web sites, your site will end up costing you Zip-Zero-Zilch, in no time! How cool it that?

Take a look at the chart to the right. This will tell you how many Site-n-Go web sites you need to sell, before you get paid back all of  the money you spent on your Site-n-Go web site.

There you have it … Make some dough with Site-n-Go! “FREE web sites for everyone!”

* If you sell your fifth web site, your fifth check will be worth $200 (This is to turn those $75 checks into $100 checks.) Each additional check after the fifth check will be $100. If you have any questions please call 717-843-4048.


Anyone can make some Dough With Site-n-Go!

Just want to make some dough, or need some dough so you can afford to buy a web site?

If you want to make some extra dough, you found the right place! For each Site-n-Go web site you sell, we will send you $75. If youmake some dough sell five or more Site-n-Go web sites, we will bump-up that $75 to $100 for each Site-n-Go you sell.

So get out there and spread the word, and make some dough with Site-n-Go!



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