How To Plan For Your New Website…

Where Do I Start?

There comes a point when you decided you want a web site, and that you will actually need to start planning for the project. The most important word being “planning.”
It’s a very simple fact, their is no way for us to know what you want, until you tell us. And, you don’t know what we can do, until we tell you. Communication is very important if you want your site done on time and within your price constraints.

We have a lot of experience with web site development — but until we know your project, or business, and your interests, we can’t start to make any progress with your site. You must first understand that you need to be very straight forward with yourself, and get right down to business. Before you contact us, or any developer for that mater, you need to get a few specific things straight in your mind:

  1. What is the purpose of my site?
  2. How frequently will my site need to be updated?
  3. How large is my site?
  4. Who will be providing the content? Is it prepared?
  5. And, how much do I want to pay for a website?

All of these things are very necessary prior to contacting any web professional web developer to help you develop your site.

What is the purpose of your site?

Are you creating a personal web site? Are you a photographer wanting to display your photographs? Are you a business, wanting to stake your claim on the internet and raise awareness for your business? Or are you starting an e-business to start generate revenue? These options will each have different requirements for developments, which will be discuss later.

You should realize right away, however, that there’s a vast difference between a simple brochure site, providing information about your business and contact information, and an electronic retailer, providing the ability to purchase hundreds or thousands of products in any number of combinations.

How frequently will your site need updating?

Many people don’t take this factor into consideration when they’re designing a web site. If you want to update your site every two weeks, somebody will need to do this. A web design does not automatically come with years of free maintenance – so maintenance costs money. There are several options, of course. You can spend a bit of extra cash at the beginning, and have the designer put together a content management system or database driven web site, like WordPress, that YOU might be able to update easily. Or maybe it would be easiest for you to simply hire the designer to do maintenance for you – definitely the easiest answer, but it will require a regular commitment and money out-lay.

How large is your site?

Give some thought to how many pages of content you might have on your website. It is usually more than you thought, at first. Another very good reason to plan. Larger sites mean higher costs, not necessarily because of a large page count, but because of a larger amount of content. Also additional content means more checking for errors. However, in the case of extremely large sites, with hundreds or even thousands of pages of content, a database driven site is going to be needed just to keep everything organized.

Who will be providing the content? Is it prepared?

  1. Different web developers have different preferences for content delivery. A few important things to keep in mind
  2. It’s much easier to do the initial layout, if you know what the major sections of the site are, and what the content will be on the front page (or landing page.)
  3. The content you will need to deliver to the developer deliver should be organized, in the same manner as the site.

Our preference is to receive as much of the content as possible as soon as possible. This enables us to plan ahead. At the very least, we like to have a good sense of just how much content there is. If you are not preparing your content yourself, be sure to get a good commitment to a schedule for your content providers (Site-n-go can also develop your content, if that is something you need help with. Just be aware, this will add a slight cost to one of their package deals.)

Building a web site doesn’t end when the site is built. Realize before you start that your site will need to be launched, and it’ll need to be maintained. People don’t arrive at your site immediately upon launch — they need to have an opportunity to learn about your site. Web site marketing is a critical aspect of your web site development. Marketing can include simply telling people about your site, but should also include buying advertising, pursuing links, and finding your market on the web. This too can be handled by the marketing department at Site-n-Go/holberg design.

How much do I want to pay for a website?

Do your due diligence and price around. Make sure you talk your potential web designers/developers and understand what you are paying for. I good blog post to read would be our post “Be Aware Of FREE.” it will give you an idea of some questions you should ask.

I hope this gives you some insight on how to start planning for your website.

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