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5 Tips in Placing Facebook Ad Images That Sell

While surfing through all of my emails, I found this one sent to me by Sandra Pigram, a member of one of the many LinkedIn social media groups I joined. I found it very helpful so I thought I would pass it on for those of you who read our blog.

Small but indispensable – summarises how a Facebook Ad image works. There are those who might consider that spending time optimising the Facebook Advertising Image  is worthless because of its tiny size. However, maximizing all of its 110 by 80 pixels can translate to bigger profit. Here are three ways on how to entice potential customers to click through those ads.


Be Aware Of Free!

Free, Might Not Be As Free As You Think.

There are many companies out there that offer low cost web sites, sometimes even FREE “web sites”. Even though they have low or no up-front cost, you still need to ask what you are getting. You then need to decide, if these companies are really helping you grow your business… Or if in-the-long-run, could they actually be hindering the growth of your business, and wasting your money.


How to Use Social Networking to Your Benefit.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc… What you need to know!

All of this stuff you hear about “social networking,” can it really help with your sales? You bet your sweet bippy it can! How many people do you know that have a personal facebook Page? I think you would say, “most of my friends have one.” Now imagine if each of your friends started talking about your business to all of their friends, who also have friends, who tell their friends.


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