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Penn State Hershey Pro Wellness Center Asked For Site-n-Go’s Help

Big client or small, we are here to help.

The Pro Wellness Center, part of the PennState Hershey Milton Hershey Medical Center, and the PennState Hershey Children’s Hospital, needed a web site. They wanted a wordpress web site they could easily manage themselves. They also needed someone who knew the ins-and-outs of wordpress, as well as had a strong design sense. Additionally, they needed someone who could temporarily host their new site until they were able to add all of their own content, fully implement the web design, and get approval from their upper management on the new web site. That “someone” turned out to be us at Holberg design.

The people we worked with from PWC were very knowledgable of how to add content to a wordpress site. They were also very interested in learning how to build-out the site after we put together its foundation. This job was an awesome experience, thanks to Ellie!

This job was an awesome experience, thanks to Ellie!

Michael Waltemeyer

Our “Site-n-Go” team; put together a design with the help of PWC, and built out the home page and one internal page to help start the over-all look and feel of the site. Our part of the site-build ended up being finished three weeks prior to the promised due date.


How To Plan For Your New Website…

Where Do I Start?

There comes a point when you decided you want a web site, and that you will actually need to start planning for the project. The most important word being “planning.”
It’s a very simple fact, their is no way for us to know what you want, until you tell us. And, you don’t know what we can do, until we tell you. Communication is very important if you want your site done on time and within your price constraints.


Be Aware Of Free!

Free, Might Not Be As Free As You Think.

There are many companies out there that offer low cost web sites, sometimes even FREE “web sites”. Even though they have low or no up-front cost, you still need to ask what you are getting. You then need to decide, if these companies are really helping you grow your business… Or if in-the-long-run, could they actually be hindering the growth of your business, and wasting your money.


Survive The MobileMe Shutdown, Go Site-n-Go!

The End of MobileMe

It has been just six years since Apple launched the linchpin of it’s iLife suite: A web design tool called iWeb. iWeb joined the likes of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, and iDVD and gave Apple users an easy way to create a web site for their personal use, or a method to create a web presence for their small business.


Affordable vs Cheap Web Sites

Who Wants Cheap?

If it is a cheap web site you want, then you are at the wrong place! Cheap to us means low quality … something you use a couple of times and you need to get another one, because the “cheap” one broke.


How to Use Social Networking to Your Benefit.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc… What you need to know!

All of this stuff you hear about “social networking,” can it really help with your sales? You bet your sweet bippy it can! How many people do you know that have a personal facebook Page? I think you would say, “most of my friends have one.” Now imagine if each of your friends started talking about your business to all of their friends, who also have friends, who tell their friends.


Site-n-Go … A New Era of Web Site Accessability.

Web Sites for Everyone!

Site-n-Go is on the verge of making websites available to anyone. Small Mom and Pop businesses need a website just as much, if not more, than big fortune 500 companies. Combined, we have worked in the advertising business for more than 82 years. We have all have done work for large companies and small, and the clients that excited me most were the small clients that had that entrepreneur enthusiasm and vigor. They were the ones that had a vision, but no money.


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