Be Aware Of Free!

Free, Might Not Be As Free As You Think.

There are many companies out there that offer low cost web sites, sometimes even FREE “web sites”. Even though they have low or no up-front cost, you still need to ask what you are getting. You then need to decide, if these companies are really helping you grow your business… Or if in-the-long-run, could they actually be hindering the growth of your business, and wasting your money.

Questions you should get answered before choosing someone to build your web site:

  1. Who will own my domain name?
    There are many web companies out there that offer domain names with their web service. However, if your business out grows their service, and you want to move your online presence to another server, that might be impossible. This is sometimes true because, they own YOUR domain name. You can usually purchase the domain from these companies, however, they can charge you more than what a domain would otherwise cost, compared to purchasing a domain from another third party domain company, like or
  2. Will I be able to move my site to another server?
    Companies offering FREE, or low-cost web sites, sometimes use proprietary software to build their sites. This means, if they build your web site, and you want to move your web site to another server, you will have to purchase their software and load it on the new server. Just so you are aware, software like this is not typically cheep, and could cost up to $1000 or more… So much for FREE. And sometimes that is not even a possible, because these companies would rather not sell their software. If that is the case, wanting to move your web site to another server would mean, you would have to start your web site from scratch, because you would no longer have a web site.
  3. If their are any issue with my web site, who can I talk to to get it fixed?
    Most of these services have customer service people who are just that, customer service. They have never even seen web site code before, or know the difference between .PHP from .ASP or Cold Fusion from .NET. So a lot of times these people search on their online manual for your problem, and then read back to you what they have found. Heaven forbid if you ask a question that’s not in the manual.
  4. How do I learn how to use the web site, and update my content?
    I guess the first question should be, “Can I update my own content?” If you can update your content, some of the Content Manage software out there is so hard to use, you might as well be a programmer to be able to update your content. You need to find a company that gives you a complete understanding of the admin’s capabilities, and how to use them. Really, you do not need someone to make your job even more complicated.
  5. Will there be a monthly fee for web hosting?
    Be aware … Some companies charge large hosting fees to make up for the low cost web site fees.

With Site-n-Go, you own your own domain name, and you can move your web site wherever, and whenever, you want. We also use FREE open-source WordPress as our admin for all of our web sites, so your site can easily be moved to another server, whenever you want. We also have developers on staff that you can actually talk to if their is an issue with your site. Our developers will also be the people who teach you how to use and make changes to your web site. Our hosting costs are $29/month, and that includes a SSL certification which typically alone costs $70 to $500 per year.

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