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The Site-n-Go Guys: Michael, Rick & VincentWho And What Are We?

Great questions. We are 3 guys that are trying to help the little guy/gal make their mark on the world. We understand how tough if is out there to start up a small business, especially when you have to fight against the “big boys.”

After hearing the same thing time and time again, “I would love to have a website to help my business grow, but I can’t find someone to build a site I can afford.” So that is when we came up with this idea. We decided we needed to find a way to offer great looking web sites that can be built quickly, and anyone can afford. From that, Site-n-Go was born.

Site-n-Go is a package based, a-la cart if you will, deal that offers four different priced packages: $485, $1500, $2500 and $3500. And if those prices are not low enough, and because we really-really want you to have a website, we offer a way for you to “Make some dough with Site-n-Go.” It works like this: For every person you tell to call us and ask for a Site-n-Go website, and they order a Site-n-Go site, as soon as they pay us we will pay you $75. Sell more than four site-n-go sites, and make $100 for every site sold. You keep selling, you could earn enough money from Site-n-Go to pay for your whole web site, and-then-some. For more information click here Make some dough with Site-n-Go.

So check us out, and find out how great it is to be like one of the big boys, and have an awesome website to grow your small business into a larger business.

If you ever have any questions, please send us an email at Talk to you soon.



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