5 Tips in Placing Facebook Ad Images That Sell

While surfing through all of my emails, I found this one sent to me by Sandra Pigram, a member of one of the many LinkedIn social media groups I joined. I found it very helpful so I thought I would pass it on for those of you who read our blog.

Small but indispensable – summarises how a Facebook Ad image works. There are those who might consider that spending time optimising the Facebook Advertising Image  is worthless because of its tiny size. However, maximizing all of its 110 by 80 pixels can translate to bigger profit. Here are three ways on how to entice potential customers to click through those ads.

TIP 1 – Give the advertisement a human touch

Advertising is all about connection. Therefore, there should be an element that helps the target market identify with itself.   This is the reason why Facebook ad images that feature head close-ups have a higher click through rate. And can signify to the audience that the advertiser understands them better.   People identify with themselves and their situation.  If simple and exact imagery can quickly and easily make this identification for the customer, then it’s doing the job.  80% of communication is visual, no matter what the space is for you to portray it.  Social Media Managers spend significant time on sourcing the best images to communicate their message in a small space.

Below is a good example of simple image which portrays the message straight away – and provides the human touch

Tip 2 – Use the space in full

Since the image size is already small to begin make every pixel count.   The story can be told better by a picture that fills the space. Likewise, an image that is rendered wide is more appealing to a vertical photograph. The extra space can provide a clearer illustration and it should not go to waste.

TIP 3 – Opposite colors attract

As much as possible, refrain from using White backgrounds because it does not pop out from Facebook’s background scheme significantly.   Make sure that the blending of color does not disrupt the message that the ad wants to convey.

TIP 4 – Text and Image combination

If the image includes words, then the colour of the text is important – it needs to stand out against the image itself.   However, you do not want it to take over from a powerful image.  Balance is the key to getting this combination right.    Do not make the text within the image so small that you cannot ready it clearly.  Less is more.  Ensure the text is clear and not a fuzzy image after thought.  See this Facebook advert below, as an example of unclear branding text used in a Facebook Advert.

TIP 5 – When in doubt  … Use a Social Media Expert

A very important part of a Social Media Manager is to ensure that Facebook Advertising is succinct, targeted, conveys the right message, and gets good click throughs to offer, website, or lead magnet.  Images are a big part in achieving click throughs – so get the right advice to ensure you meet your advertising goals.

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