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That’s it, your web site will be done before you know it, and we will be there to help you along the way. Also, to reduce the cost of your site even further click here! For more info on how to get started, click “Read more…”. […]

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calcWith 4 different package prices, we are sure our prices will fit within your budget. Also, check out “Make some dough with Site-n-Go.” If you have the time, and are confident you can build your own website, pick the $485 package. If you don’t have the time, or the know how, one of our other Site-n-Go packages will suit you best. So what are you waiting for? Choose one of our Site-n-Go packages today, and we’ll get started on your site right away.  We offer convenient hosting for $29. […]

Make some dough with Site-n-Go!

speechIf our prices still don’t fit within your budget, check out “Make some dough with Site-n-Go“. For every person you get to purchase a Site-n-Go web site, we will pay you $75. That’s right … at that rate, you should have your web site paid for in no time! Heck, you could actually make some extra money on this deal. For more information on how you can make your Site-n-Go web site make you some dough, and have your web site ending up costing you Zip-Zero-Zilch, click “Read more…”. […]


Site-n-Go allows us to offer professional looking websites at prices anyone can afford.

Rick Holberg


Package 1

$485: Site-n-Go base price

The $485 package is for those of you who have the heart to learn how to put together your own web site … with a little bit of help from Site-n-Go of course. […]

Package 2

$1500: Site-n-Go base price

The $1500 package is for those who want a six page web site, but don’t want to take the time to learn how build it themselves. Let Site-n-Go build your site! […]

Package 3

$2500: Site-n-Go base price

The $2500 package is for the small to mid size business who needs at least a fifteen page web site. This package was priced to fit in your budget … and make you look awesome. […]

Package 4

$3500: Site-n-Go base price

The $3500 package is for those who need a web site with up to 25 pages. Never mind those other agencies who told you your site would cost $7000 or maybe even more. […]

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